The following testimonies are from clients of what took place for them with their healing using the various modalities for different parts of their bodies and conditions they had.
To Whom It May Concern:

One month ago I began receiving cranio-sacral treatments once a week from Elsa Moreno.

I have been suffering from major anxiety and stress and some pain in my heart area, neck, and shoulders.

After the first treatment, I noticed great relief.  After four treatments, I have noticed these things:

1.  I am able to function at my job with minimum stress.  I feel very relaxed even though I face the same          problems.

2.  I no longer wake up five times a night.  I sleep soundly and wake feeling relaxed.

3.  I have noticed a subtle ability to think more clearly.  When I have conversations with people, I notice my    speaking vocabulary is now comparable to my reading vocabulary, which is extensive.             

4.  The pain is almost gone in my neck, shoulders, and heart.

Kathleen Moller

Dear Elsa Moreno:

It is with deep appreciation that we write this letter.  You truly have golden hands that touch in unique healing ways.  Little David, 2-1/2 years old, had so many constant sleepless nights as he cried out in pain.  

He is an aggressive mover and climber and has fallen severely so many times.  We have watched his improved stages of healing that you have performed.  Now in a short time he is sleeping at night and so readily climbs upon your therapy bench with a smile of knowingness. 

We have gladly referred those who have come in contact with us with full confidence
in you Elsa.  Our sessions have paid off.  

Thank you ever so much!
Jeannine P. Coon and Amalia B. Coon

To All Those in Pain,

I had suffered seven months with a frozen shoulder and partially torn rotator cuff.  The day before my appointment with a noted Salt Lake Orthopedic surgeon, I had a treatment from Elsa Moreno at Universal Stress Management Health and Healing Center.  My range of motion increased significantly.  When I saw the surgeon, he discouraged surgery because of such rapid improvement from the treatment I received from Elsa and therapy she used.  

I chose Elsa over a physical therapist because of her broad knowledge, gifted hands, and kind heart.  I am more than pleased!  Two weeks of daily therapy has nearly removed all my pain, and I have almost full range of motion.  Twelve weeks of therapy reduced to two!  The most significant benefit is Elsa's ability to draw out pain and direct energy.

I have brought three of my daughters to her and suggest treatments for several friends and family.

I want everyone to feel well and pain free, and I know Elsa has the skills to help.

Suzanne Cheney

Dear Craniosacral Investigator,

My four-year old son has always complained at loud noises, i.e., electric wheat grinder, vacuum and the like.  He would cry to turn off the grinder or go to another room when I vacuumed.  I just accepted that as a part of his unique genetic make-up.

Earlier this month we went in for Austin to have therapy with Elsa.  He had painful areas around the back of his skull.  And I remembered a serious fall to the head he had suffered almost a year earlier in which he needed to have stitches.

As we preceded with the therapy, I knew he wouldn't hold still for much more--because he was hurting.  Just then Elsa "lighted" up and said she was going to try it another way.  She worked on the muscles and bones inside the mouth area in order to manipulate the bones and sensitive skull areas on the outside of the head.

After only a few minutes we tested those sensitive areas again on the head.   THERE WAS NO PAIN!  NO TEARS!

I didn't realize the significance of this until a few days later.  Austin was playing quietly with toys on the kitchen floor.  Without thinking, I turned on the wheat grinder and ground quite a bit before realizing that Austin had been underfoot the entire time.

He hadn't looked up once!  He just kept playing intently as if he HADN'T EVEN NOTICED THE NOISE!

I am so grateful for this miracle.  I consider it a great miracle because he is without pain in his ears and because I know it stopped a condition from continuing and worsening to where it might have needed many treatments to heal him.

I am so thankful that Elsa has the knowledge and the spiritual sensitivity to be an instrument of healing.  I know the Lord led me to her.

Thank you, Elsa.
Lois Payne
Draper, Utah

To Whom It May Concern:

Having been overmedicated with antibiotics prescribed by conventional medicine and suffered the consequences ever since, I can only say it is a good thing to find alternative therapy that works.

You in Salt Lake City are fortunate to have this wise and knowledgeable therapist whose abilities have helped me so much.  I found her through the book "Alternative Medicine in Utah" by Cam Williams.

Celeste Holm
To Those Who Desire Healing:

I am an Attention Deficit Hyper-active Disorder adult.  I have tried to overcome it for many years, about 28, with the conventional regiment of treatments that the Psychiatric and Medical Professionals use on their patients -- Nothing Worked!!

Since I have been going to Elsa for CranioSacral Therapy, I have noticed measurable improvements.  I, along with others, have noticed I have become calmer.  I am able to organize my thoughts and words easier.  I have found myself able to follow a train of thought without getting sidetracked.  Communication with others has become easier.

On the weeks following Elsa's work on my mouth, my hard pallet, I've noticed the most improvements.  The old scatter-brained responses are diminishing.

Marcia J. Rasmussen
West Valley City, Utah

To Those Who Desire Healing for a Family Member,

During a soccer game, my 16-year old son, Brian's left knee was seriously injured.  The injury was severe enough to cause Brian to need crutches to get around.  We decided to try an "alternative" treatment.  Conventional procedures might not be able to repair the damage quickly or sufficiently for him to return to the sport he enjoys.

The next morning, we took Brian to Elsa where she worked on Brian using Craniosacral Therapy. By the end of the hour long session, the swelling in Brian's knee had diminished by over 50%; and the majority of pain had disappeared.

Brian was able to walk away from the appointment carrying his crutches.  His knee had healed well enough for Brian to participate in the next soccer game.

Marcia J. Rasmussen
West Valley City, Utah

Because of the problems with pain in various areas of my body and limbs and the relief I have received from Elsa Moreno in Massage Therapy, I highly recommend this treatment.

In August of 1992, I began experiencing pain in my neck and shoulders, upper arms, hips, knees, and upper and lower legs as well as back pain.  I saw my general practitioner who sent me to an orthopedic physician who sent me to a neurologist for physical therapy for about six weeks.  There was no relief from the pain.

In approximately June of 1993, I found Elsa Moreno, a Clinical Massage and Neuromuscular Therapist.  I received treatments weekly for about six weeks and am now down to about one treatment every three weeks.  For days at a time, I am free from pain; even when I experience pain, it is to a lesser degree than prior to the Massage Therapy treatments.

I hope that more people could receive relief from the pain with which many of us live.

Josephine E. Coleman
Holladay, Utah
To whom it may concern,

Approximately 10 years ago I was involved in a car/pedestrian accident.  I had a severe concussion that left me with a continual headache.  It also left me with intermittent back problems.  I went to various doctors to alleviate the pain.  The doctors with good intentions gave me various medications to treat the symptoms.  However, none of them were able to treat the cause.  I eventually learned to live with a headache on a continual basis and periodic backaches.  I was so used to the headaches that it became part of my life.

About a year ago I was having some back problems and I wanted some different kind of help than what the doctors had been giving me.  I talked to one of my friends and he told me about Elsa.  I decided to give it a try.  I had already tried various other things, this couldn't be any worse.  After a few months, my headaches started to diminish.  I continued to go to Elsa to get treatment and now my headaches are virtually gone.  Finally after ten years of continual pain, I can go about my daily business feeling healthy again.

David L. Richards



Thank you for all that you have done to heal Kelly.  You have aided our family in a way that is inexpressible.  I have so much appreciation for you and toward you.  You are the greatest.  God Bless.

Your thoughtfulness means more than words can say.

Thank you,
Heather & Kelly Hall



Dear Elsa,

I want to Thank You for your help.  The Cranio-sacral work has made a marked difference in my health and well-being.  I am most grateful for the gift of healing in my life at this time.

Thank you for your dedication...  I appreciate the instrument you are and your desire to serve and those who come to you for help.  I am amazed at the strength in your small hands!

Many Thanks,
To those who desire healing for someone with Autism,

Rebekah is 4 years old and she is autistic with delayed development and suffers seizures about one every two weeks.  She cannot talk but is very vocal with noises.  She answers to her name but that is the only thing that we are certain she understands.  Communication with her is very difficult.  She does not play with toys at all, and she generally spends her day wandering from room to room.  

She attends a special school specifically for Autistic children between the ages of 2 through 5 years.  She is there from 8:30 a.m. through 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  

She does not sleep very good and often wakes up between 3:30 a.m. - 5:30 a.m. and does not go back to sleep.  She has a strange, primitive walk for a child of 4 years.  She does not like public places and has difficulty coping with change or new surroundings.  

We first started taking Rebekah to see Elsa about April.  The first time we took her, it was very difficult for her.  She was very upset and would not lie still for 1 minute.  But since then she is a lot better.  She will lie down for a period of about 20 minutes at the longest which is incredible for Rebekah.

We feel there has been a marked improvement since Rebekah began therapy with Elsa.  She seems much more aware of her surroundings and more aware of situations.  The teachers at her school have also commented recently at a marked improvement on her awareness.  She is also much more affectionate towards us--her parents.  She is also walking a bit better. 

We feel that since we began taking Rebekah to Elsa for treatment, there has been a great improvement.

We so appreciate Elsa for helping our Daughter,
Rebekah's Parents
To those who desire healing,

My name is Shirley.  I am 43 years old.  I have suffered from severe headaches since early childhood.  These headaches were usually accompanied by vomiting, light sensitivity, and cold sweats.  Their duration was for hours and the only remedy for relief was to sleep usually overnight.  This pattern continued despite two sinus surgeries, years of antibiotics, and a hysterectomy.  During pregnancy, the headaches became much more frequent usually occurring every day.  I became resigned to living a life of pain.

Two years ago it was discovered that my pituitary gland was crushed due to a tumor.  A year later significant osteoporosis was diagnosed.  The headaches became so extreme that I was totally incapacitated for at least one day out of the week and sometimes two.  This interfered with the care of my family.  Pain relief didn't come even with bed rest and strong prescription drugs.  At this time I also experienced a significant vision loss and trouble turning my head.  I also had TMJ that had bothered me for about 15 years.

It was at this time that I received an advertisement in the mail for Elsa Moreno.  Within four treatments, my headaches decreased significantly!  Then in one hour session, Elsa released my TMJ!  Something I had been asking my doctors about for many years.  

She also has been releasing the pain I have had in my glands for many years.  I could actually feel a liquid squirting out of my gland on the first treatment!  I plan to continue coming to Elsa to help unlock my health problems.

I am not ignorant of the biological processes of the body.  I majored in microbiology at the University of California at Santa Cruz for my first year of college and have been to numerous doctors for the last 20 years for health problems for my children, my husband, and myself.

I think doctors are wonderful when they are good caring ones and mine are.  And for many problems I plan to continue to see them.  But some problems they just didn't seem able to treat.  For these problems, they should not fear new knowledge but rejoice for their patients that they have found relief.  

I wanted to find relief not just using pain drugs but to have a more permanent and healing relief.  I feel very blessed to have found Elsa!

Shirley S. Milan
West Jordan, Utah
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Ms. Elsa Moreno, L.M.T.

Last April, I began experiencing severe back and hip pain, numbness in my right leg, and loss of strength and function in my right foot.

I was diagnosed with broad-based bulging in the L5-S1 introvertebral disc, several other bulging discs, epidural fibrosis, neuritis and degenerative disc disease at multiple levels.  Several neurosurgeons recommended immediate back surgery including fusing the lower part of my spine.  They indicated I had a 60% chance of improvement with surgery, would be unable to work for 10-12 weeks, and would require 9-12 months for recovery.

Having already had back surgery previously, I began to seek alternative therapies.

Ms. Moreno agreed to accept me as a client in April of this year.  We began twice-per-week sessions in addition to acupuncture, herbal and traditional physical therapy, exercise and rest.

During the course of these various treatments (sometimes up to six hours per day) Ms. Moreno was wonderful.  She was always optimistic and guaranteed 100% recovery.

Slowly my condition began to improve.  The pain receded from my hip and back, feeling came into my leg, and strength returned to my foot.

Recently, I took several weekend motorcycle tours 700-800 miles in length.  I am a member of a city league softball team and play basketball and volley ball regularly.  All this and more without surgery.

I feel greatly indebted to Ms. Moreno and the other alternative practitioners that helped restore my health and would strongly recommend considering alternative therapies when faced with the prospects of surgery.

David G. Damschen, CEO

Thank you so much--you are wonderful and amazing.  Thank you for loving, helping, and taking care of our little Micaela last night--she slept perfectly!  To see her go from hurting and ornery to playful (even though she was tired) was another testimony of the truth of the wisdom of your work.

Thanks for your Friendship and Love,
Dear Aunt Helen and lovely Cousins,

How ya doin'?  I'm having a great time here at the MTC and learning so much, the language is going great, and I can't wait to leave for Albania.

Helen, I want to thank you and Jim for all your help in getting me here, and especially for helping me to get over my sickness.  That sweet little healer lady (I can't remember her name) did an incredible job.  About 2-3 days after I got here, the pain was gone, just like she said.

Well, everything is going good in the MTC and pretty soon I'll be heading to Albania so I hope to see you at the airport.

Elder Gorner

P.S.  Christmas in the MTC was awesome.  On Christmas day we had a visit from Elder Dallin H. Oaks and his family, and on Christmas Eve we had Donny Osmond and his family come and sing to us.  His son is here going to Italy!
For Everyone,

It wasn't by chance that I stumbled into Elsa Moreno.  I had recently relocated to Salt Lake and was looking for a massage therapist (I usually had a massage a week to cope with pain), when I read an ad of hers and scheduled my first appointment.

You see I am a professional dancer, Jazz, Ballet, Modern,Tap, and Funk.  I tour internationally with different companies; and on my last contract, I watched as chronic pain turned into excruciating and immobilizing pain.  I finally became ready to face my pain and to do whatever it took to heal only I had no idea where or to whom to turn.  I was searching desperately for someone who could help me heal and Spirit gave me Elsa.

I walked into her office expecting just another massage.  I had no idea who I was talking to until she started talking...  She placed her hands on me and informed me that I was in great pain.  She then moved her hands to my hips and pelvis and explained that my right hip was rotated in on itself which pinched nerves, stressed ligaments and muscles, caused one leg to be longer than the other (affecting balance, turns, and standing), and was stressing the muscles in the spine and legs that were trying to compensate.  She then moved her hands to my neck.  She said she could feel intense pain.  She explained that I had cervical scoliosis, muscle spasms, trapped and pinched nerves, intense pressure in the head (raging headaches, in other words), TMJ, trouble sleeping, and so, so much pain.  

I thought , "How did she do that?"  I was amazed!  Truly.  This woman had never seen me before and had in 30 seconds explained my physical traumas to me in exact detail!  I was ecstatic!  I could feel that not only could she explain my situation but that she would heal.

Elsa Moreno is a natural born healer.  I sensed this immediately.  She is friendly, open, intuitive, nurturing, wise, and powerful.  In being in her presence for only a few minutes, I knew this to be true.  It only took moments for me to make the decision to work with Elsa and to allow her to teach my body how to heal itself.

I have been a patient of Elsa's for 7 weeks now, and I have experienced profound relief and healing.  During her sessions, Elsa senses pains in my body and then proceeds with her therapies in those areas.  She channels energy through her hands to injuries, to scar tissue, and to the pain, stimulating nerves, bringing in fresh blood supply to the areas of pain and sending signals of healing.  For Elsa moves energy and trapped energy is all that disease is.  

Trapped energy such as feelings, memories, fear, and pain that are stuck in the body -- pinching nerves, blocking blood flow, contracting muscles and ligaments, causing pressure and tension and anxiety to build up and be held in the body in the form of disease.  Dis-ease.  For we have forgotten how to release this dis-ease, this blocked energy, thus we have forgotten how to heal.  Elsa Moreno is here to remind us how.  She teaches, if you're quiet and listen, to feel your pain, allowing the dis-ease to release, and then to flush the body with healing energy.  She helps you do this, she guides you gently, unconsciously, masterfully.  As much as you are willing to face, to release, she will help you.

Elsa has helped to change my body so dramatically that I am still reveling in my new freedom from pain and restriction.

I do not know all her healing skills and secrets nor do I pretend to, but I do know that she is impeccably trained, highly intuitive, and a channel of healing for the spirit.  That is why she is so good at what she does.  Elsa Moreno is talented, blessed, and very magical, indeed.  If you are to be free, give her a call.

Laura Kelly







After consulting with my rheumatologist, an internist, and then the neurologist they both recommended, I decided to try the work of Elsa Moreno--CranioSacral Therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Surgery had been the prescribed treatment up to that time.

After one treatment with Elsa, the pain was reduced to the point I felt it worthwhile to return to Salt Lake City for more.  The condition under her care improved to the point where I am convinced surgery is definitely not the answer.  But it appears that CranioSacral Therapy may well be.  It would undoubtedly save the government and the insurance companies a lot of money if such a person were on the rosters of these institutions for payment of this kind of service.

Mary Black
To Those of You Seeking Treatment/Healing,

This letter comes in praises for Elsa Moreno whom I began to see last June at Universal Stress Management.  The training Elsa studied enables her to practice quite a range of therapies with skill and competence.

When I first saw Elsa, I arrived with acute health problems.  Having diabetes over 25 years, I was having trouble with balance, vision, and digestion.  I wondered if I had had a stroke or possibly MS.  This made my emotions raw and in need of much healing.

I Thank God every day that I was led to Elsa after months of medical testing.

Elsa used all her therapies with me.  The Neuromuscular Therapy was effective on my nervous, lymphatic, and muscular systems.  The Visceral Manipulation worked on my pancreas and liver, now blocked for many years.  The nerves in my head were getting my attention and Cranial Therapy eased my problems.  

Many of you may not realize how our mind/body relate to each other daily.  Many years of negative thinking and memories were deep within my body.  Elsa worked weekly on me to bring back some semblance of health.  The Somato Emotional Release therapy restored my emotional health.

I am 50 years young now and am quite a different person now compared to the day I first saw Elsa...Oh Happy Day!!! 

Bless you on your healing!

Sincerely & Fondly,
Carol Pagersky Roberts, RN

I would like to recommend the treatment given by Ms. Elsa Moreno call CranioSacral therapy.

At the urging of friends who had had excellent results from her treatment, I tried her for treatment of carpal tunnel.  Since my condition was severe in one arm and present in the other, surgery was the only option offered me by the doctors I consulted.

Hers was the treatment I chose to try, and the results were so good I gave up all intentions of surgery.

The cost to medical insurance would have been many times higher, surely, than the treatments by Ms. Moreno.  I would like to add, also, that her consultation on general health improvement and prevention of future troubles have been invaluable.

Yours Truly,
M. R. Ryan
Dear Elsa,

I have felt the need to write and express my thanks to you.  The Lord most certainly directed me to you and placed me in your healing hands.

After refusing the treatment recommended by my oncology gynecologist (chemotherapy using the drug methotrexate), I began searching out alternative means to cure my condition.  I was first led to begin a diet free of all meat and animal products.  To this diet some herbs were added including Chaparrel.  I then tried several other natural healing modalities culminating in my experience with you.

I know the first two sessions with your using Visceral Manipulation helped prepare my body to release the a-typical tissue resulting from a molar pregnancy.  It was several days after the second session that I passed virtually all of the molar tissue.

On the third visit with you, I had a most remarkable experience.  Towards the end of the session, I felt a wave of energy go through my body from head to foot.  Immediately, I felt a sense of well-being, of peace, of intense healing come over me.  I knew in an instant I had been healed.  At that same moment, you looked at me and said, "I don't feel any more pain.  I honestly don't feel any pain."  At this point my parents, who were both present in the room, individually expressed their confirmation that I had been healed.

Your healing hands had been so successful that within a two and one-half week time period, my HCG count (Pregnancy Hormone Blood count) went from 121,985.5 to 865.9.  This achievement was nothing less than a miracle.

Thank you again for preparing yourself to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.  I know that many lives, in addition to my own, will be blessed through your gift of healing hands.

Janeice J. Benson

To Those seeking Natural Healing for Health Problems and be Free of Pain,

Fifteen years ago I was in a car accident in which I sustained serious injuries from whiplash when I was thrown against the windshield of the car.  I wore a cervical collar for three months but was given no other treatment for my injuries after that time.

Soon I developed muscle spasms in my back and neck which were accompanied by terrible headaches.  This was very debilitating and made teaching school and performing on my cello very difficult.

I visited with several doctors and their remedy was always the same--muscle relaxers.  The medications took away the pain temporarily but left me in worse shape because I could not function properly while on the medication.  After two months, I went off the medication and resigned myself to a life of pain.

A few years later, yet another doctor told me that the pain was not due to my injuries but instead was a result of spinal curvatures (kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis).  He sent me to physical therapy for six months to get my spine straightened out.  The physical therapy did nothing to cure the curvatures and made the muscle spasms and headaches even worse.

From that time until the time I began treatment with Elsa Moreno, I never had a pain-free day.  In fact, I fluctuated from acute discomfort, severe pain, and general agony on a daily basis.  Pain relievers did little to relieve my problem.

I first went to Elsa (on the recommendation of my mother who had had Elsa work on her) because my entire back and neck had gone into spasm and it had become impossible for me to play my cello for the Nutcracker run at the Capitol Theater.

During our first meeting, Elsa correctly let me know that I suffered from serious whiplash and the spinal curvatures.  From these she embarked on a treatment to relieve the muscle spasms, straighten out the curvatures, and re-align my body.

For the first time since the accident, I've been virtually pain free--without taking any medication!  I've been able to stand taller, sit and sleep more comfortably, and play my instrument without any discomfort.  Just four months ago I would not have thought this possible!

I am grateful to Elsa for providing a natural treatment for my health problems and the pain they caused.  The quality of my life has vastly improved.  For the first time as an adult, I know what it is to enjoy good health!  I love it and look forward to what the future holds in store!

Monica Call
Provo, Utah
Dear Elsa,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you've done with me.  I am feeling better all of the time.  I am glad I was sent to you!

God Bless,
Dear Elsa:

I am writing this letter to you for anyone who is willing to read this as a written testimonial that "Elsa has Hands That Heal!!!"

I came to Elsa as a recommendation from my mother who lives in the Salt Lake Valley.  She made the appointment for me during a recent visit.  I was in a very depressed and frustrated state.  I have been through a lot of physical and emotional abuse in my life and as a result of that have been suffering physical problems--skin rashes, acne, hair loss, fatigue, mood swings, digestive problems and the list goes on.  I had tried everything I know to correct these problems such as change of diet, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Iridology, self-help books, Forgiveness therapy, counseling, etc.

While these things helped, I could not get total and permanent relief.  Elsa pinpointed right off that I needed help in the cranial area.  She was able to help me to release deep rooted pain that I had been holding onto for a very long time.  After two sessions I came away with a new outlook on life, the depression and frustration is gone.  My physical problems are subsiding and clearing up.  I cannot thank Elsa enough for what she has done and I will be glad to speak to anyone who would desire a verbal testimony.

Thank you Elsa.  You've given me my life back!

Kim Rubel

To All Who Desire Healing:

I met Elsa the Saturday before my son's accident on Monday evening.  I feel like the Spirit directed my meeting her.  My son, Paul, is 16.  He was out roller blading with a group of friends when the accident occurred.  As Paul attempted to do one of the jumps, he twisted wrong and crashed, landing on the left side of his face with this whole body weight.

He has no memory of the accident, but his friends said he was knocked out.  When they tried to get him up, he was rigid and tense.  They said he would respond to their questions, but he doesn't remember it.  His vision was blurred and he kept repeating the same things over and over.  So his friends brought him home to me.

He had a terrible, terrible headache.  So I decided to take him to Utah Valley Regional Hospital in Provo to the emergency room.  He had a CAT scan there.  The emergency room doctor said there were no broken bones and no internal bleeding in the brain.  The doctor said that even though the CAT scan showed no major damage, that did not mean Paul did not have a concussion.

The doctor said to go home, you will be fine.  So there was nothing the doctor could do to help Paul.

Paul saw Elsa on Wednesday morning.  By Thursday his headache was gone and he went to school in the afternoon.

On his second visit he felt a tingle in his spine starting in the middle and extending up into his brain and down to the tail bone.  He said it was such a release that he totally relaxed.  He actually fell asleep for a few minutes while Elsa was working on him.

On his third visit he felt the facial bones moving back into place.  Paul said it really does feel better.

Not only does Paul physically feel better but his personality is more cheerful and brighter.

The Craniosacral therapy worked on Paul's concussion.  It was an answer to the problem that the medical doctor could not  provide.  I am grateful for Elsa's help!

Della Jones
Mapleton, Utah

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